Susan Chadwick

Copywriter, journalist and editor, magazine writer, humorist, cultural and political columnist; longtime art critic for The Houston Post, food writer and newsletter publisher, essayist, novelist and short story writer; a generalist with knowledge of and curiosity about everything, from economics to wild greens and little oily fishes. Offering writing, copywriting, editing,  creative marketing, website design and content creation, art and artist consulting and promotion, counseling on what to eat, and common sense advice (very expensive though). Biographies, press releases, ghostwriting, assistance on any writing or creative project, long or short, whether business or personal, fiction or non-fiction, or something in between. Promoting small businesses, artists, and individuals a specialty. Story telling, speeches, rewrites, web copy, dream analysis (really, she’s good at this), blog posts, thank you notes, love letters, confessions, threats of revenge, obituaries (hire a professional to write your own!), complaints to banks, businesses, and the government. Fast turnaround. Sympathetic, discreet, personal and professional.

Contact Susan Chadwick now to discuss your personal or professional copywriting, editing, and marketing needs.


1 thought on “Susan Chadwick

  1. Susan! Glad I stumbled on this and learned you’ve been writing madly for 40 years+. And living in France. Nice work all around. I’ve been writing too, couple of novels and short story collection, but bogged down lately in legal work. live in Boulder and the Big Island.
    So many vivid memories of you. I’d love to know more.

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