Selected Work and Writing Samples

Website Design and Content Creation

Baine Kerr, lawyer and novelist: website design and content.

George O. Jackson de Llano, photographer: website content; Wikipedia page, Facebook page, LinkedIn page, Saatchi Art online profile; promotion, editing, curating, consulting.

Pure Fresh, global produce grower, importer, and marketer: branding, slogan creation,  website content, advertising, and press releases.

Dave’s Fresh Produce, produce grower and marketer: website copy, ad copy, and press releases.

Doc’s Skincare for Athletes, all-natural skincare products: website copy, advertising and marketing copy, press releases.

Some Recent Copywriting

Fruits and Recipes Copy for a produce wholesaler’s website.
Three Variations of a Trade Ad for a company updating its brand name and marketing strategy.
Display Ad Copy for a start-up natural skincare company.
Landing Page and Who We Are Page for a start-up online business.
Ad Copy for a company changing its brand name and expanding.
Press Release about the development of a new fruit variety from a produce grower.
Press Release for a small manufacturer.
Press Release, search-engine optimized, for a start-up company nominated for a prestigious technology award.
Copy for a Seasonal Holiday Party Guide
Keynote Speech for an entrepreneur and motivational speaker.
Three Versions of a Paragraph describing a company and its services.
Text for a photographer.
Promotional Biographical Copy for a commercial photographer.

Creative Writing and Journalism

“The Vietnamese Sandwich,” Houston Press.
Texas Cooks Calendar. A newsletter about local and seasonal foods in Texas. Three issues: Native Pecans, Peaches, and Oysters.
“The Tasty Secret of Bay Shrimp,” Texas Monthly.
“Starn Twins,” Houston Post.
“Master Drawings,” Houston Post.
“The Bowie Knife,” Texas Monthly.
“The His and Her Gift,” Texas Monthly.
“The Texas Two-Step,” Texas Monthly.
“Diary of a Flyfisher,” Houston Style Magazine.
“The Texas Brag,” Texas Monthly.
“And Then I’m Gonna Buy Me A Ranch,” Houston City Magazine.


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